If you search innovation and cutting edge technology in art making, the name Judy Gardner may very well pop up. Working at a seemingly endless rate, her studio is in constant change. This change can be fascinating from one week to the next, or for that matter, one day to the next. Working in a multitude of media, ranging from the highest of high tech, to the most ancient methods of art making, Gardner assembles some truly innovative works. Her knowledge of technology is linked with a passion for traditional art methods, which equates to art works that not only duplicate but exemplify nature. Drawing from her own interests and experiences (SCUBA diving, hiking, camping, gardening), her works take you to different worlds. These places seem simultaneously real and imagined, as 3D printed forms such as coral and fish, leap from beautifully painted panels and twining vines erupt, seemingly from the walls themselves.. Gardner is truly an artist of the 21st century who not only harnesses technologies many shy away from, but also incorporates methods that many have forgotten.


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