Whether it is a smudge of charcoal on a cave wall or a swath of pixels across a computer screen, art is about mark making. Different tools lend themselves to making different sorts of marks. Each tool or material has a unique voice and seems to want to express itself in its own way. That's why I'm such a process junkie. The more tools, techniques and materials I engage with, the wider the range of marks I am able to make. It is like being able to speak several languages. I find the "language" of 3D printing one of the most challenging and satisfying I have ever learned. There is something inherently magical about the process. I imagine a form and create a model of it out of nothing - just wisps of computer code in a CAD program. The 3D printer translates that ethereal form into a set of XY graphs, which it then traces out, building up layer by layer on the printer platform. Watching the thing I have imagined materialize before my eyes as a physical object continues to fascinate and mesmerize me.

I draw my inspiration from nature. The complexity and elegance of natural forms never fails to inspire me. The connection between biomorphic forms and the concepts of sacred geometry has intrigued humanity for eons and given rise to many mystical traditions. Plants, for instance, follow strict sets of mathematical rules as they grow, branching and dividing according to formulas that define their individual varieties. Yet somehow, they never appear rigid or formulaic. When allowed to follow its inherent proclivities, nature fills the world with a glorious chaos which sings to me of joy and deep mystery. I am deeply in love with this planet and the beings (both flora and fauna) that we share it with. My hope is to share that love through my work.

Our precious "Blue Marble" is in grave danger and no amount of protest, preaching or legislation will influence individuals or governments to make the sacrifices and difficult choices that need to be made. Only when people fall deeply and passionately in love with the Earth will they willingly choose to DO NO HARM.