State of Hawaii Art in Public Places
"Ghosts and Shadows" 
Monotype and Colored Pencil Drawing
:Regis University
"The Sum of All Consciousness" - Regis Chapel Narthex
Laser cut Aluminum and Acrylic, Digital Film Transfers
Regis University
"Ode to Hildegard" - School of Pharmacy Foyer
Pigment Prints on Stuccoed Tyvek mounted on bespoke wood panels


Regis University
"BioLogic Integration" - School of Pharmacy Foyer
Collaboration with Bonnie Roman and Donna Gordon
Regis University
"When Kingfishers Catch Fire"  - Triptych for Office of the President
Film Transfer, Silver Leaf and Acrylic on Wood Panels
Regis University
"God's Grandeur" - Pomponio Science Center
Collaboration with students
Pigment Prints on Canvas, Laser Etched Aluminum
Boxed collection of prints from the mural - Dayton Memorial Library Archives
Regis University
Easter liturgical installation for Regis Chapel
Denver Public Library Special Collections
"Time is Tricksey" - Artist Book
Cover - Film Transfer on Copper Roof Flashing
University of Denver Special Collections
"Vows" - Artist Book
Pigment Prints on Stuccoed Tyvek
Tufts University Library Special Collections
"SETI" - Artist Book
Museum of Texas Tech University
"White Noise" -  Laser Etched Embossing in "Pathways Collection"


Nesting - IKEA chair, Laser cut Acrylic chair, Laser cut wood chair, 3D printed chair

City of Arvada, Colorado

Nesting Crane at Creekside Park

Part of the Landmark Exhibit