Artist Statement

For me, art is way to embrace emotional and intellectual complexity. Words are so woefully inadequate to express the layers and nuances of life. The visual vocabulary is richer, wider, fuller in every way. Each layer of representation or abstraction adds depth to the communication. Color, value, process, medium, dimensionality are all tools at the disposal of the artist.

Working with metaphor and allegory, I work to make the indefinable physical without making it concrete. Physical objects and figures are not depictions of themselves, but stand-ins for nebulous feelings, concepts that are hard to articulate, or illusive ideas.

Whenever I am overwhelmed by an idea or a feeling, my immediate and visceral response is in the form of images. The words come much later. Being an artist is about choosing to communicate in my native language.


Judy Gardner is a painter, printmaker, bookbinder, digital artist and self-professed process junkie, currently obsessed with 3D Printing. She earned a BFA in Graphic Design at Northern Arizona University and a Masters in Humanities focusing on sculpture and theater design at the University of Colorado, Denver. She currently teaches electronic imaging and 3D printing at Regis University and manages Alchemical Eye Studio, where she works as a consultant with artists wishing to incorporate alternative process digital print and digital fabrication techniques into their work.

Her art work explores her deep personal connection with the Earth fed by her training as a shaman. Natural forms weave a dance between abstraction and representation, always seeking to convey a sense of mystery and metaphysical intrigue.


Judith G. Gardner

6585 W. 62nd Place

Arvada, CO  80003-4919

(303) 421-9597



BFA     Graphic Design                       Northern Arizona University, 1991

MH      Fine Arts and Theater             University of Colorado at Denver, 1994


Metaphysical Associations

Initiated as a Shaman and Aguaterra by Dr. Lily Navarette of Ecuador

Trained in the lineage of Black Elk by Melanie Mulhall and Antonio Arguello

Board of Directors – Archetypos Jungian Center for Spiritual Development

Ordained Priestess of the Aesclepian – Archetypos Center for Spiritual Development

Reiki Master/Instructor



Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools

Instructor in Trades and Industry, Graphic Arts

Autism Network International - Certificate in Autistic Life and Advocacy



Alchemical Eye Studios, 2006-Present         Director

GardnerAnimation Specialists, 1998-Present           President

RegisUniversity, 2003, 2005 - Present, Adjunct Professor – Digital Imaging, Printmaking

Metropolitan State College, 2006 Adjunct Professor - Digital Image Manipulation

Colorado Institute of Art, 1996-1998               Computer Animation Instructor

Fay Engineering Corporation, 1993-1996      Computer Animation Technician


Major Collections


            "Bio-Logic Integration" Collaborative mural for the entry to Regis School of Pharmacy

            "The Sum of all Consciousness" Artwork for Regis Chapel Narthex

            "Ode to Hildegard" Mural for the entry hall of the School of Pharmacy

            "God's Grandeur" Collaborative mural (with students), Pomponio Science Center

            Boxed collection of prints from the Mural, Dayton Memorial Library Archives

            Easter liturgical installation for Regis Chapel

Universityof DenverSpecial Collections

            Artist book entitled "Vows"

DenverPublic Library Special Collections

            Artist book entitled "Time is Tricksey"

Museum of Texas Tech University

White Noise - Laser Etched Embossing in "Pathways Collection"

State of Hawaii Art in Public Places

"Ghosts and Shadows" Monotype/Drawing

Tufts University Library Special Collections

            Artist book entitled “SETI”


Non-Profit Work

ArvadaArt Studio Tour – Board Member since 2000, currently serving as Director

May You Have Enough - Board Member



3D Studio Max, Z-Brush, Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design,  Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore, Dream Weaver, Corel Painter, Sound Forge, Flash, Director,  Pronterface/Slic3r, Apophysis, Sculptris



"Goddess Speak" animated DVD introducing a Jungian Art Therapy technique, in collaboration with Dr. Claudine Jeanrenaud

“Analytical Applications of 3D Imaging in Vehicle Accident Studies” (SAE Technical Paper #960648) Co-authored with Richard J. Fay

Computer graphics and illustrations for “Computer Imaging and Animation in Court” prepared by Richard J. Fay for Nebraska Continuing Legal Education, Inc.



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inSITu, Arvada Center for the Arts**
Demo Artist, Denver Art Museum**
Art of Conflict, Arvada Center for the Arts***
Don’t Bug Me, Children’s Hospital of Denver**
Fabricating Nature, William Havu Gallery, Denver**
Holiday Fine Art Market, Arvada Center for the Arts**
Holiday Fine Art Market, Arvada Center for the Arts**
Digital Dimension, Knoll Gallery, Denver CO**
Representation Art in the 21st Century, Wailo Center, Hilo HI***
Conscious & Unconscious, Arvada Center for the Arts, Arvada CO**
Holiday Fine Art Market, Arvada Center for the Arts**
Home, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art***
Monotype Madness, Artists on Santa Fe, Denver**
Multiple Originals, O'Sullivan Art Gallery, Regis University, Denver**
Women Printmakers of Colorado, Skylite Station, Denver**
Wazee Union MoPrint Show, Denver
Holiday Fine Art Market, Arvada Center for the Arts**
Projects II, O"Sullivan Art Gallery, Regis University, Denver**
WCA National Mixed Media Show***
Graphic Noir, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art***
Crossroads, Chataqua National Juried Show***
Art of the State, Arvada Center for the Arts**
Intimates, Tenn Street Art**
Holiday Fine Art Market, Arvada Center for the Arts**
Panorama - CCP Member Show, Norwalk CT***
"Fade to Black" Finalist, online exhibit sponsored by Akua Ink***
The Circle Unfolding - Dayton Memorial Library, Regis University, Denver**
On my Planet - Tenn Street Art, Denver CO*
Swimming Upstream - 44T Artspace, Denver CO***
National Juried Exhibition - Encaustic Art Institute, Cerrillios NM***
Hot Off the Press - Lapis Gallery, Denver CO
ArvadaArt Studio Tour
Artists Book Cornucopia - Abecedarian Gallery, 910 Santa Fe #101, Denver***
Playing with Fire - National Encaustic Show - Tubac Center of the Arts***
Soloistic - Tenn Street Gallery, Denver CO**
50 Grand - Access Gallery, Denver CO*
NAWA National Small Works Show, New York NY***
Dreamtime - St. John's Church Gallery, Boulder CO**
Holiday Fine Art Market - Arvada Center for the Arts, Arvada CO**
Cultural Crossroads - Associated Artists of Winston-Salem, NC***
ArvadaArt Studio Tour
5th Annual National Juried Show - Katherine Butler Gallery, Sarasota FL***
Red Handed - Tenn Street Gallery
Artist's Book Cornucopia, Abecedarian Gallery, Denver***
Faculty Show, Regis University O'Sullivan Center, Denver**
Up & Coming Output, Tenn St. Gallery, 4418 Tennyson St., Denver
From Our Perspective, Womencenter @ Oakland Community College*** 
ArvadaArt Studio Tour, Alchemical Eye Studio
Golden Show, Foothills Art Center, Golden CO**
The Common Box Project, Abecedarian Gallery, Denver**
Booksmart Studio, Rochester NY -  Alternative Methods ***
Red Handed, Tenn St. Gallery, Denver**
Generations, Tenn St. Gallery, Denver**
American Print, Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO***
NCAR Gallery I - Boulder CO *
Modest in Scale, Abecedarian Gallery, 910 Santa Fe #101, Denver***
Let the Sun Shine - Art's Place, 4424 Tennyson, Denver*
Mad Scientist - Dayton Memorial Library, Regis University, Denver CO *
ArvadaArt Studio Tour
Body Language - A Collaboration; Art's Place**
Tete-a-tete - CCP, 299 West Ave., Norwalk CT
Highland StreetFair
Booksmart Studio, Rochester NY - Circulation ***
Boulder Creek Festival
Spring Open, Art's Place, Denver CO
Booksmart Studio, Rochester NY -  Alternative Methods ***
Whimsical & Ethereal - Ink Lounge, Lakewood, CO*
Tenn Street Gallery, Denver, CO*
Imbolg: Birth of Spring, Ground Works Gallery
Art's Place, 4424 Tennyson St. **
GACC Christkindl Market
Locals Night, Ink Lounge
ArvadaArt Studio Tour
Samhain: Artwork for the Season of Dark, Ground Works Gallery
DaytonMemorial Library, Regis University *
American Print, Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO ***
Core New Art Space - Wide Open Whatever Show
Alembic Arts Day of the Dead Show **
"From our Perspective" Womencenter @ Oakland Community College ***
ArvadaArt Studio Tour
Alembic Arts Summer SHINE Show **
Alternative Processes - Lakewood Cultural Center
Alembic Arts Opening Show **
RegisUniversityFaculty Show **
ArvadaArt Open Studio Tour
Installation at Burning Man Festival - Psychic Fossil  
Red Hot @ Red Shift - Women's Caucus for the Arts
Satellite Gallery *


* Solo Show

** Small Group or Invitational
*** National or International







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